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$Header: /home/tino/CVSROOT/pyrfb/README,v 1.3 2011-08-07 19:02:41 tino Exp $

You need Python 2.6!

Change into a secure directory and copy everything there.  Then do:
	mkdir learn c e
	chmod 1777 e

Create a PHP web directory:
	mkdir /var/www/vnc

Link all neccessary things there:
	for a in .sock *.js *.php learn *.html test.jpg
		ln -s "`realpath "$a"`" /var/www/vnc/

Start a local VNC server:
	Xvnc4 :0 -desktop "`hostname -f`" -localhost -nolisten tcp -rfbwait 30000 -nopn -SecurityTypes None -geometry 1000x1100 :0

Start image grabber, this currently is hardwired to
	nice -99 ./ 1 test.jpg JPEG 18
	# If this does not work look into to see what it needs

Open run.html in your browser:
	echo http://`hostname -f`/vnc/run.html

If you want to do more:
	Look into

	All work without Copyright is CLL, if not otherwise stated.
	CLL is PD disallowing Copyrights.  See COPYRIGHT.CLL

-Tino <>
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